Although it might seem obvious, I think it’s important to define exact what web traffic is (and what it isn’t) before we get onto any traffic generation strategies.

Website traffic means visits to your website made by real people. Only visits to your website made by people (rather than bots) have the potential to make you any money.

The level of interest your visitors have in your content is the key factor that determines how likely they are to take useful actions upon visiting your website, like signing up to your email list and/or making purchases.

Therefore the more targeted your traffic is, the more value it has.

Targeted traffic just means real visitors who visited your site because they have an interest in its topics and/or offers.

The most profitable targeted traffic you can have is visits from people who are ‘in the market’ for a particular product and visited your website because they are looking to buy or find out more about that product.

This is why 1000 visitors who visit your website to earn credits for promoting their own offer is worth less than 10 visitors who visit it because they want to know more about a product featured on your site which may offer a solution to a problem they have.